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Seamless API Integration & user friendly Web Application, A.I. optimising processes

Full Transparency, Regulatory Compliance, highest standards for IT & Data Security

No cost risk for pre-legal collection. Commission only - No subscription fees!

Quick Cash Out for all receivables, Balance Monitoring via Web Application

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Try out the intuitive eCollect Web-App or RESTful API to flawlessly and securely import all your claims and required data into our system. We will take care of the rest.

Bringing Debt Collection up to Code

eCollect was founded by technologists determined to totally reinvent the way debt collection works by applying A.I. and Machine Learning technology. Our transformational solution surpasses the obsolete methods of traditional debt collection employing a proven workflow to take Debtor Communication to the next level. The result is a Fully Integrated Platform and seamless API, that will harmonise with any business system structure and simplify Claim and Debtor Data Exchange. The platform automates the Debtor Communication Process via Digital Channels, initiating all pre-legal and judicial actions as well as the securing and monitoring of already enforceable receivables.

Backed up with a full-service team handling every conceivable aspect of the collection process, eCollect complies with Governance and Regulatory Requirements and offers highest standards of Data Protection and System Security. We specialise in the field of Online Collection, especially in the areas of Online Payment, eCommerce, Hosting, Digital Goods, Software-as-a-Service, Internet Services, Telecommunications and Gaming. eCollect's service is suitable for any business that has customers with debt problems.

eCollect processes thousands of claims daily for a wide range of businesses, organisations and individuals, reducing outstanding debt and doubling success rates. Our fee is commission only. Try a modern solution to resolve the issue of debt collection; protect your brand and turn debtors back into customers.

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