80,000,000,000 $
collectable outstandings globally

About eCollect

eCollect is based just outside Zurich in Switzerland. We've designed eCollect to make debt collection easier and more effective at the same time.

It is our declared mission to revolutionize the way international debt collection works. Debt recovery is an industry traditionally associated with legal and technical complexity, bound by national borders. eCollect is changing this.

We are an internet debt collection specialist, that enables your technology business to reduce your bad debt write-offs and improve your margins, while retaining customers and protecting your brand. Our internet solutions offer you quick-to-implement APIs, and an intuitive online interface for your customers to resolve their debt problems. eCollect achieves this through intelligent technology, use of multiple communication channels and motivated, skilled debt consultants. 80% of our collection success can be achieved without the need for legal proceedings. We are specialists in debt collection in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where pre-legal collection is free of charge for you, and funded by debt collection fees charged to your customers.

Our management team is an innovative, experienced team of entrepreneurs with both technology and debt collection industry experience. We are passionate about our business and helping you to achieve greater financial success.